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Garilla Partners
Garilla Сasino affiliate program. A new product with a clean player base, responsive support and cool bonuses will ensure a stable conversion and monetization of your traffic.
Revenue Share
The classic model of cooperation, with which a partner earns a percentage of the profits of the gambling project.
Commission model with payment for each player who passed the qualification conditions.
Hybrid (CPA + Revenue Share)
The hybrid payment model combines CPA and RevShare.

General issues

What is an affiliate program?

The Garilla Affiliate Program will help you monetize your gambling traffic. To do this, you just need to register and you can start working.

How to become a partner?

To participate in the affiliate program, you need to have a traffic source. Any way to attract players to a poker project or online casino is considered a traffic source.

How to choose a commission. Commission types

Currently, we are working with such financial models: Revenue Share, CPA, and hybrid model. The terms of cooperation are discussed individually with each partner. After your account is confirmed by the affiliate program representatives, you can discuss the rate with the manager and start working.

Revenue Share formula

Revenue Share calculation formula is detailed here

What traffic sources do we accept / do not accept

We do not accept:

  • mailer adressed from product, fraud, incentive traffic, telegram schemes, push, native, teasers, popunders, re-streams, cookie stuffing.
  • Motivated traffic
  • Mislead (deliberately false information about the casino, bonuses, etc.)
  • Traffic from any fake official pages on social networks and messengers, and pages that cause players to associate with official ones (use of logos, official branding, appeals on behalf of the casino, etc.).
  • Players who are personally acquainted with partners, relatives, etc. . It is also forbidden to play in the casino using your own referral links


  • prerolls, branding, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Context Ads, UAC, ASO, SEO
  • If your traffic sources are different from those listed above, be sure to check with the affiliate program representative before starting work whether traffic from such sources will be paid.

Which geos are allowed / prohibited

Currently we are working with one geo only - RU

How to order individual promo materials?

Please contact your affiliate program representative to order individual promo materials. These can be graphics (banners, branding), reviews, promo codes and other promo materials.

Technical questions

What is a redirector and why is it needed?

A redirector is needed to protect project mirrors from being banned. The redirector extends lifetime of mirrors of the project. In essence, the redirector redirects players through a more secure gateway to a project mirror. At the same time, moderators, bots and other inappropriate traffic are screened out.

What parameters can you pass in postbacks?

The syntax of the default parameters is as follows:

  • clickid - unique click ID
  • webid - individual partner / buyer ID
  • sub1…sub10 - these parameters can be used to pass individual parameters

We can also pass custom parameters. To discuss exactly how this can be done, contact your manager.

How long are cookies stored?

30 days. We use the last cookie wins approach.

Financial questions

Ways to withdraw money from the affiliate program

Piastrix, Tether (TRC-20)

Minimum withdrawal amounts

Minimum is 50 USDT

Payment periods. Terms of withdrawal of funds from partner accounts

The payment period is the particular business days of the month when we pay commissions to partners. Payment periods:

  • Revshare - once a month (on the first of the following month). The actual date of arriving funds to your accounts may be different, because during the payment period we send money to the payment gateway.

The actual date of arriving funds to your accounts may be different, because during the payment period we send money to the payment gateway.

What is hold?

Hold is the period during which the analysis of the quality of traffic attracted by partners in CPA or hybrid programs is carried out, and additional analysis is carried out by the anti-fraud system. The first hold is 14 days, subsequent - 7 days from the moment of the player's qualification. The affiliate program reserves the right to increase the hold time if necessary. Confirmed leads will be paid according to the payment schedule of the affiliate program, so the actual hold period may differ from the one stated above.

I didn't receive my payment, why?

The minimum payout in the Garilla affiliate program is 50 USDT.

If you have more than the minimum amount on your account, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • For payouts, we need know your traffic sources. Depending on its type, you can provide links to your resources, screenshots of advertising purchase cabinets, etc.
  • Payout occurs if there are at least 5 attracted players who have made a deposit.
  • If you close/add new sources, inform our managers about it.
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